Ise Grand Shrine Blue Goshuincho

Ise Grand Shrine Blue Goshuincho Front

Ise Grand Shrine Geku Goshuincho When: April 29, 2017 Where: Ise Grand Shrine Naiku Size: Large (12cm x 18cm)   I originally got the small purple goshincho at Geku, but when I was looking at the shop at Naiku I really loved this light blue goshuincho. I wound up buying two at Ise Jingu. The pattern on this goshuincho is simple, but because of the way its woven it sparkles quite a bit. The Ise Jingu logo is woven into it. This one costs 1200 yen. This design is not available at Geku. At Naiku, this and a few other…

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Ise Grand Shrine Purple Goshuincho

Ise Grand Shrine Geku Goshuincho Front

Ise Grand Shrine Purple Goshuincho When: April 29, 2017 Where: Ise Grand Shrine Geku and Naiku Size: Small (11.5cm x 16cm)   I was determined to get a goshuincho from Ise Grand Shrine when I finally visited. The first stop we made was Geku. This goshuincho is the simplest in my collection. Other than the usual goshuincho written on the label, there’s no writing or fancy illustrations on the front or back covers. It’s covered completely by a woven tiled pattern of the Ise Grand Shrine symbol. This goshuincho was 1000 yen plus 300 for the goshuin for Geku. This…

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Nachi Falls Goshuincho

Nachi Falls goshuincho

Nachi Falls Goshuincho When: July 20, 2017 Where: Hirou Shrine Shamusho and Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine Size: Large (12cm x 18cm)   I actually forgot my goshuincho when I went to Katsuura and Nachi for summer vacation in 2017, so I bought a new one at Nachi Falls. Since the Inuyama Castle goshuincho only had a few more blank pages left anyway. I actually bought this at Hirou Shrine near the base of the falls, but it says Kumano Nachi Taisha on the back. I can’t remember how much this was, but it was 1000 yen for the book and…

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Inuyama Castle Goshuincho

Inuyama goshuincho

Inuyama Castle Goshuincho   When: April 12, 2017 Where: Sarutahiko Shrine and Sanko Inari Shrine Size: Small (11.5cm x 16cm)   My Inuyama Castle goshuincho was the first goshuincho I ever bought. It was 1000 yen plus 300  yen for two goshuin and it came with a plastic cover. I live nearish to Inuyama Castle and its one of my favorite things in the area. So when I saw the goshuincho with the image of Inuyama Castle on it I knew I wanted it to be my first goshuincho. I will own others in the future, but this one will…

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