Nachi Falls Goshuincho

Nachi Falls goshuinchoNachi Falls Goshuincho

When: July 20, 2017
Where: Hirou Shrine Shamusho and Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine
Size: Large (12cm x 18cm)


I actually forgot my goshuincho when I went to Katsuura and Nachi for summer vacation in 2017, so I bought a new one at Nachi Falls. Since the Inuyama Castle goshuincho only had a few more blank pages left anyway. I actually bought this at Hirou Shrine near the base of the falls, but it says Kumano Nachi Taisha on the back.

I can’t remember how much this was, but it was 1000 yen for the book and a little extra for the goshuin. The front cover has an image of the shrine and and falls. The back cover has an image of Yatagarasu, the three legged crow that helped the first emperor of Japan in this area.

I was very impressed by the falls and sat around staring at them for a long time. I’m happy I have a goshuincho with an image of the falls to keep with me.


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