Bansho-ji – Cut Paper Dragon 2024

Nagoya (名古屋)January 3, 2024

About Bansho-ji

Bansho-ji is a very modern and flashy looking Buddhist temple that really fits in nicely with the surrounding arcades and electronics stores, but it’s roots are very old. It was built by the Oda family in 1540 and the funeral for the father of Oda Nobunaga, Oda Nobuhide, was held here. It now houses the mortuary tablets for the Oda family.

It’s popular with goshuin fans because they have a lot of beautiful designs that change every month. I went specifically for their new year designs and got two versions: a two piece dragon design on semi-transparent plastic and this cut paper design.

They also had a lovely goshuincho available, but I resisted. I already have a nice pile of goshuincho I need to go through. It included a special long two-page spread.

My Visit to Bansho-ji

You’re probably thinking this looks familiar. That’s because I got two goshuin this day.

We visited here and Atsuta Shrine on this day as part of our Hatsumode this year. We also dropped by Kobi Shrine and Narita-san on New Year’s Day. It was still very busy. There was a line winding around to offer prayers.

Short on small change? Now they accepts prayer offerings via Paypay. As usual, Bansho-ji is an ancient temple that is always on top of the latest modern thing.


Homepage (JP)

Omairi (JP)


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