Bansho-ji – Setsubun 2024 Special

Nagoya (名古屋)February 3, 2024

About Banshi-ji

Bansho-ji is a very modern and flashy looking Buddhist temple that really fits in nicely with the surrounding arcades and electronics stores, but it’s roots are very old. It was built by the Oda family in 1540 and the funeral for the father of Oda Nobunaga, Oda Nobuhide, was held here. It now houses the mortuary tablets for the Oda family.

It’s popular with goshuin fans because they have a lot of beautiful designs that change every month.

My Visit

My husband and I were in the area because he had an appointment in town. We stopped by for one of their February limited designs. They have at least two every month and I went with the very season appropriate Setsubun design.

Setsubun marks the division between winter and spring on the old Japanese calendar and is now a day when you cast demons from your home by throwing dried beans at them shouting “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!”, meaning “Devils out! Fortune in!”. Someone in the family wears an oni mask and everyone throws beans at them. It’s good fun. This goshuin says “Setsubun Kai” in the middle.

They also now has omamori and pre-made goshuin vending machines.

You can see more of my goshuin from Bansho-ji here.


Bansho-ji Homepage (JP)

Omairi (JP)


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