Kinjo-ji (Inami)

– Kinjo-ji – 金城寺- Nanto(南砺市) – March 21, 2020 Kinjo-ji was a lucky find on our way to Toyama. While at the rest stop in Johana, I mentioned on a whim it’d be nice to get my first goshuin from Toyama Prefecture. My husband pulled out his phone and this cute goshuin was one of the top goshuin in the prefecture. Isn’t it cute? This temple is a very small, intimate temple. Outside the temple is a small nadebotoke, a statue of Buddha that you rub to cure illnesses. When you go inside, you’re greeted by a nice lady. Unlike…

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Inami Betsuin Zuisen-ji

– Inami Betsuin Zuisen-ji – 井波別院瑞泉寺- Nanto(南砺市) – March 21, 2020 Inami Betsuin Zuisen-ji was a lucky find on our way to Toyama. While at the rest stop in Johana, I mentioned on a whim it’d be nice to get my first goshuin from Toyama Prefecture. A short search found some temples a short drive away. We ended up finding a treasure. Inami is a region of Toyama Prefecture that is famous for its elaborate wood carvings. Their depth makes them seem to leap out from waves and plants. The local temple, too, is decorated with such elaborate wood sculptures.…

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Inuyama Naritasan

– Inuyama Naritasan – 犬山成田山 – Inuyama(犬山) – January 6, 2019 Inuyama Naritasan is a branch temple of Naritasan Temple near Narita Airport in Chiba. It’s located in the northern part of Inuyama near Inuyama Castle and the Kiso River. From the top, you can see  a stunning view of the castle with the river in the background. One thing you notice upon entering is the size of the parking lot. There are two reasons for this. One is that in this part of Japan, most people drive. The second is that Naritasan is particularly famous for car protection charms…

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Kogane Shrine

Goshuin for Kogane Shrine

– Kogane Shrine – 金神社 – Gifu – 岐阜 – August 31, 2018 Kogane Shrine is written with the kanji for gold/money, but even without knowing any kanji it’s pretty obvious what people come here for: Luck with money. Why? When you walk up to the shrine, you’re welcomed by a giant gold torii. It is a shrine near the middle of Gifu and is closely connected to two other shrines in the area: Inaba Shrine and Kashimori Shrine. The god enshrined here is Nunoshihime-no-mikoto, wife of Inishiki-Irihiko-no-mikoto who is enshrined at Inaba Shrine and the mother of Ichihaya-no-mikoto at…

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Bansho-ji: Migawari Fudo-Myo

Goshuin for Banshoji’s Shindai Fudoumyou

– Migawari Fudo-myo – 身代不動明王 – Nagoya(名古屋) – May 5, 2018 If you ever get the chance to spend time in Nagoya, I recommend going to the Osu Kannon shopping area. Of course, Osu Kannon is probably the biggest tourist site in the area, but if you enter the shopping arcade you’ll discover a treasure trove of shops, good food, and a small, modern temple known as Bansho-ji. Now it’s very modern and flashy looking and really fits in nicely with the surrounding arcades and electronics stores, but it’s actually very old. It was built by the Oda family in 1540…

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Futami Okitama Shrine

Futami Okitama Shrine Goshuin

– Futami Okitama Shrine – 二見興玉神社- Ise(伊勢) – April 29, 2018 Futami Okitama Shrine is best known for the two wedded rocks in the ocean next to it, Meoto-Iwa (husband and wife rocks). Many people like to visit here before Ise Jingu to purify themselves, but we did the exact opposite. As you’d expect of a shrine with such a landmark, it’s popular among couples. This was our first trip as a married couple, and we got a husband and wife omamori set. You can see many frog statues around the shrine. The main kami enshrined here is Sarutahiko no…

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