Tejikarao Shrine

Tejikarao Shrine goshuin

– Tejikarao Shrine – 手力雄神社 – Kakamigahara (各務原市) – August 26, 2017   Tejikarao Shrine is one of the five major shrines in Kakamigahara. It enshrines Ame-no-Tajikarao and is associated with Ise Grand Shrine. While Oda Nobunaga was attempting to take Gifu Castle, he came through Kakamigahara with the intent of destroying everything in his path. This was a common strategy for him. However, when he was preparing to attack the shrine a strange fog blew in. It was so uncanny that Nobunaga was deeply unsettled to the point that he apologized to the gods and prayed for victory at…

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Hachidai Hakuryuu Shrine

– Hachidai Hakuryuu Taisha – 八大白龍大社 – Kakamigahara (各務原市) – April 16, 2017   I’m not 100% sure how to read the kanji for this shrine. Despite the “taisha” in the name, it’s a smallish~medium sized shrine. It’s probably read one of these three ways: Hachidai Hakuryuu Taisha Hatsuta Hakuryuu Taisha Yahiro Hakuryuu Taisha Last year I visited this shrine for the fireworks at the big Ogase Hanabi Taikai. It was crazy crowded and dark and I didn’t really get to see much. When I arrived, I was surprised to see so many people. I wanted to take more photos…

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