Inuyama Castle Goshuincho

Inuyama goshuinchoInuyama Castle Goshuincho


When: April 12, 2017
Where: Sarutahiko Shrine and Sanko Inari Shrine
Size: Small (11.5cm x 16cm)


My Inuyama Castle goshuincho was the first goshuincho I ever bought. It was 1000 yen plus 300  yen for two goshuin and it came with a plastic cover.

I live nearish to Inuyama Castle and its one of my favorite things in the area. So when I saw the goshuincho with the image of Inuyama Castle on it I knew I wanted it to be my first goshuincho. I will own others in the future, but this one will probably always be my favorite. At the moment it only has a few more blank pages.



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