Ise Grand Shrine Blue Goshuincho

Ise Grand Shrine Blue Goshuincho FrontIse Grand Shrine Geku Goshuincho

When: April 29, 2017
Where: Ise Grand Shrine Naiku
Size: Large (12cm x 18cm)


I originally got the small purple goshincho at Geku, but when I was looking at the shop at Naiku I really loved this light blue goshuincho. I wound up buying two at Ise Jingu.

The pattern on this goshuincho is simple, but because of the way its woven it sparkles quite a bit. The Ise Jingu logo is woven into it. This one costs 1200 yen.

This design is not available at Geku. At Naiku, this and a few other designs were available.



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