Ise Grand Shrine Purple Goshuincho

Ise Grand Shrine Geku Goshuincho FrontIse Grand Shrine Purple Goshuincho

When: April 29, 2017
Where: Ise Grand Shrine Geku and Naiku
Size: Small (11.5cm x 16cm)


I was determined to get a goshuincho from Ise Grand Shrine when I finally visited. The first stop we made was Geku.

This goshuincho is the simplest in my collection. Other than the usual goshuincho written on the label, there’s no writing or fancy illustrations on the front or back covers. It’s covered completely by a woven tiled pattern of the Ise Grand Shrine symbol. This goshuincho was 1000 yen plus 300 for the goshuin for Geku.

This is the only goshuincho for sale at Geku. Naiku has several different ones you can choose from.




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