Masumida Shrine

Masumida Shrine Goshuin– Masumida Jinja – 真清田神社
Ichinomiya (一宮市) – July 28, 2017


Masumida Shrine was the ichinomiya, or main shrine, of old Owari Province. It was built at least 1400 years ago and enshrines Amenoho no Akari no Mikoto.

Every year in April is the Plum Festival. At this event you can see some funny yabusame and a parade. I actually learned about goshuin when I was here with some friends.

The huge Tanabata Matsuri that the city if famous for is held in late July. Food stalls start at the station and extend all the way to the shrine. As you walk through the shopping arcade on your way to the shrine, you can see many Tanabata decorations that were made by local schools. There’s always a wide variety of Japanese street food and games. It’s impressive. I’ve now been to the Tanabata Matsuri twice. This year I didn’t get to eat takoyaki, though, because it was just too hot.

This goshuin is in my Inuyama Castle Goshuincho.


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