Inuyama Naritasan

– Inuyama Naritasan – 犬山成田山 –
Inuyama(犬山) – January 6, 2019

Inuyama Naritasan is a branch temple of Naritasan Temple near Narita Airport in Chiba. It’s located in the northern part of Inuyama near Inuyama Castle and the Kiso River. From the top, you can see  a stunning view of the castle with the river in the background.

One thing you notice upon entering is the size of the parking lot. There are two reasons for this. One is that in this part of Japan, most people drive. The second is that Naritasan is particularly famous for car protection charms and blessings.

Once you’re parked, you have a bit of a hike up several steps up the mountain to the temple.

My husband and I visited for hatsumode soon after we returned from an overseas trip. It was almost a week after New Year’s Day, so we missed the famous crowds here, but it was still quite busy. We got omikuji, matching omamori, and goshuin.

Amusingly, my husband really wanted to get me a driving safety charm from here, but we were both hit by some sticker shock. I guess if a temple is famous for something like driving safety, they can charge quite a bit for their driving safety omamori sets.

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