Hirou Shrine

Hiroujinja goshuin– Hirou Jinja– 飛瀧神社 –
Nachi (那智) – July 20, 2017


Hirou Shrine is located at the base of Nachi Falls (Nachi no Taki) and enshrines the falls. The falls are the tallest unbroken, straight waterfall in Japan and this area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are two Hirou Shrines: Hirou Shine Shamusho and Hirou Shrine Otakihaisho. The former is free, but in order to walk up close to the falls and see the latter, you need to pay a small fee. If you do, it’s beautiful. Nachi Falls are mesmerizing to watch. I sat around staring at them for a long time before we moved on.

We visited on a Thursday during summer vacation. Since it was a weekday, it wasn’t super busy, however we did have to take shelter in a gift shop when it rained for a little while before we walked up the mountain to Seiganto-ji and Nachi Grand Shrine.

I also bought my Nachi Falls goshuincho here.


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