Kotoku-ji – Enmei Jizo Goshuin (Tsumago Juku)

Kotoku-ji – 光徳寺
Tsumago(妻籠) – August 13, 2020

Many people come to Japan for Kyoto to experience the old buildings and history of Japan, but one place I recommend visiting is the old post town, Tsumago Juku, that was one of many stops along the Nakasendo that connected Kyoto and Tokyo. The old style of the town is carefully preserved, so it feels as if you’ve stepped back in time to the Edo period of Japan.

Kotoku-ji is a temple located in Tsumago. Me being me, I had to stop my husband when I saw the temple to see if we could get a goshuin for this area; I like to try to visit at least one shrine and temple and receive a goshuin wherever we travel if I can.

View from Kotoku-ji

View of Tsumago from Kotokuji

Located up higher than the main part of the town, you get a birds-eye view of the layout and scenery. It’s definitely worth the short climb.

Kotoku-ji has three different goshuin: one for Yakushinyorai, Ebisu, and Jizo. Jizo is a complicated Bodhissvattva that is a guardian of children. If you’ve ever noticed little stone Buddha’s while walking around Japan, those are Jizo statues.

I highly recommend stopping by if you ever get the chance to visit Tsumago.

Omairi Biyori (JP)


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