Bansho-ji: Migawari Fudo-Myo

Goshuin for Banshoji’s Shindai Fudoumyou– Migawari Fudo-myo – 身代不動明王 –
Nagoya(名古屋) – May 5, 2018

If you ever get the chance to spend time in Nagoya, I recommend going to the Osu Kannon shopping area. Of course, Osu Kannon is probably the biggest tourist site in the area, but if you enter the shopping arcade you’ll discover a treasure trove of shops, good food, and a small, modern temple known as Bansho-ji.

You can receive 6 goshuin here:

  • Migawari Fudo-myo,
  • Juichimen Kannon
  • Ofuke Kannon
  • Bussoku Seki
  • Omokaru Jizo

Now it’s very modern and flashy looking and really fits in nicely with the surrounding arcades and electronics stores, but it’s actually very old. It was built by the Nobunaga family in 1540 and Oda Nobunaga stayed here while overseeing the construction of Nagoya Castle. It now houses the mortuary tablets for the Nobunaga family.

In addition to the six goshuin you can receive here, they have special goshuin you can receive randomly through the month.

You can also see a mechanical doll (karakuri ningyo) of Oda Nobunaga that performs five times a day.


Bansho-ji website (Japanese)

Bansho-ji goshuin info (Japanese)


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