Sarutahiko Shrine (Ise)

Sarutahiko Shrine Goshuin– Sarutahiko Shrine – 猿田彦神社 –
Ise(伊勢) – April 29, 2018


Sarutahiko Shrine is not far from Ise Grand Shrine Naiku. It’s a good place to stop if you decide to walk along Okage-yokocho. It’s on the opposite end from Naiku.

Sarutahiko Okami is the kami enshrined here. He was the leader among earthly kami. Many people visit to pray for safe travel and business success. The shrine is very pretty. The torii is a simple wooden structure with lovely decorative caps on the ends.

On your way in, you’ll notice that the temizuya is covered in stickers.


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