Naritasan Shinshoji: Great Peace Pagoda

Naritasan Great Peace Pagoda Goshuin

– Naritasan Shinshoji – 成田山新勝寺 –
– Great Peace Pagoda – 平和大塔
Narita (成田) – December 27, 2017

The Great Peace Pagoda, or Heiwa no Daito, is massively tall structure that was built in 1984. The prayer area is up the stairs, and down on the ground level you can enter a museum. It’s down here that you receive your goshuin. The gentlemen there clipped a numbered clip to my goshuincho, gave me a matching token, and set me loose to check out the displays.

When I visited, they had a collection of woodblock prints and paintings on display. In the back, there is a stairway leading up to the room with the daibutsu. The walls are covered in lovely paintings, some of which show the Great Peace Pagoda.

I visited home for the first time in almost two years during winter vacation this year. On the way home I had a whopping 8 hour layover in Narita, so I decided to go check out Narita-san Temple.

Naritasan Shinshoji has several temples on the grounds and you can get six different goshuin when you visit. They have a map on their Japanese site. Yes, it’s all in Japanese, but there are enough images on there to make it easy to understand. You’ll be granted a goshuin for 300 yen each and if you’d like the Naritasan goshuincho, it costs 2000 yen and you can choose from 3 different colors.

The goshuin you can receive at Naritasan Shinshoji are: Great Main Hall, Shakado, Shusse Inari, Komyodo, Iouden, and the Great Peace Pagoda.


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