Matsumoto Castle

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Matsumoto Castle松本城
Gujo (郡上市)August 13, 2020

About Matsumoto Castle

Like Inuyama Castle and Himeji Castle, Matsumoto Castle is one of only 12 remaining original castles still standing today. Unlike many castles where I live in Gifu, it was built on a plain instead of up on a hill or mountain. It sits surrounded by a moat, which reflects the castle beautifully.

My Visit

Matsumoto Castle reflected in the moat
Castle and moat

My husband and I came to get out of the house and enjoy some semi-outdoor activities during the pandemic. I still can’t get over how beautiful the reflection of the castle on the water is.

Line to Matsumoto Castle
The line to get into the castle under the trees

The line to get in extended into the garden and they thankfully had a covered area for us to wait under. It was a hot day.

They have a variety of old armor and weapons on display inside the castle. You can check them out as you make your way up to the top of the castle.

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Matsumoto Castle Location

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